About StartupQuest Selangor

Inspired by wildly popular international startup events such as Startup Weekend and Global Startup Battle, StartupQuest Selangor (#SQSEL2016) is a biannual themed event in Shah Alam, Selangor that seeks to facilitate the growth and success of startups here.

Organised by the Selangor Information Technology & E-Commerce Council (SITEC), SQSel aims to reach out to Malaysians, with a particular focus on Selangor, in order to encourage the public, especially students, to be involved in the startup scene, and at the same time be involved in directly having a stake in the growth of Selangor.


How it’s structured

SQSel will be split into two “sessions” – one in May and the other in August, and the top three teams of its two sessions will be given the opportunity to have their ideas validated, developed, prototyped and promoted for exposure and growth.

Each session will take place over a weekend, where ideas will be discussed and solutions brainstormed, and participants will be given 60 seconds to pitch their idea to everyone.

The top ideas will be taken on by teams comprising individuals who bring different strengths and specialties to the table. Teams will then work towards developing a novel working prototype, demo, and presentations by Sunday evening. 

What happens during the two days



StartupQuest Selangor: For Everyone

SQSel is specifically developed in a way that those without specialised knowledge of programming, IT or business can take part to see their ideas grow. Similar to other startup events, ideas are pitched in under 60 seconds, and individuals will group up in teams to pick their favourite chosen ideas to work on and develop. The difference, however, is that SQSel participants will engage in a ‘Quest’ to contribute ideas to address, explore or solve ‘Problem Statements’ given by the organisers.

Mandatory but FREE 2-day pre-event workshop (worth RM 600)

All participants are required to attend a free, mandatory two-day pre-StartupQuest Selangor workshop (SQSelWS) the week before each session.
The SQSelWS will cover the basics of lean businesses, guiding you on how to develop your own MVP, or, Minimum Viable Product (with a strong focus on the keyword ‘viable’). You will also learn how to utilise free tools to turn ideas into working products.

  1. Introduction
  2. Idea Validation
  3. Business Model Canvas
  4. User Experiance Design
  5. User Journey Mapping
  1. Wireframing
  2. Building Minimum Viable Product (MVP)
  3. Digital Marketing
  4. Pitching Techniques

Theme for 2016: Smart City Living

Smart City Living is a natural and necessary progression for urbanised cities around the world – and Selangor is no exception. It is here that we want to reach out to and engage students, entrepreneurs and anyone in-between to come together in a meeting of minds, ideas and passion in order to develop novel and innovative solutions to deal with real world issues by employing Smart City solutions.

Who can join?

StartupQuest Selangor is open to everyone from all walks of life! Whether you have experience in startups/startup-like environments or not, you can come by to meet and team up with like-minded people in a conducive environment to see an idea to fruition.

No IT knowledge? No problem! No business knowledge? Not an issue! Don’t know startup terminology? Don’t even bother! We will teach you everything you need to know to be competent about business in the startup world in the 2-day pre-event bootcamp.

Come alone – or with friends! Meet new people, moot ideas, and work on them!  


Why join StartupQuest Selangor?



with like-minded, passionate people
who want to see ideas turn into action!
Bonus: Meet new friends and business contacts!



Learn how to start a company.
No bells, whistles, just dependable,
experienced mentorship and knowledge



Discover the world of startups and take that wisdom along with you



Start building your own apps, solutions, companies



 What’s in it for me if I join?


Pre-event workshop teaching


Certificate of Completion


Idea validation



Top 3 teams will get additional


Cash prizes

(RM 650, RM 350 and RM 250)


Free 6-months co-working space at SDCC 


Exclusive 4-Day MVP Development Bootcamp* (worth RM 1800 each) 

click-here to learn more about the 4-Day MVP Bootcamp. This Bootcamp is only given to the TOP (1x) team in each season.

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