Mobile technology is very quickly taking over the world. General trends in Malaysia and Asia are expecting a booming mobile and e-commerce market in the coming years. SITEC is working in tandem with the Online 100 agenda to push out 100 mobile e-commerce applications on iOS and Android OS platforms to 100 merchants in the Apps 100 initiative.

  • SITEC has also developed 20 complimentary apps for the use of the Selangor Government, its departments, as well as its related organisations.
  • Merchants with the Online 100 programme can give their valued customers the convenience of shopping online smoothly and smartly.
  • SITEC will also conduct various training workshops and seminars on mobile back-end operations so merchants can take advantage of the variety of features these apps can afford and thus facilitate the marketing and promotion aspect of the products or services of the merchants.
  • To provide mobile technology for utilisation by Online 100 merchants
  • To ensure competency among merchants in using mobile apps for their e-stores by conducting training/familiarisation workshops
  • To aid merchants in exploring the mobile market in addition to the online market
  • 100 apps for Selangor merchants
  • 20 apps for Selangor government and subsidiaries
  • Capitalise on the increasing mobile penetration rate to reach a wider audience via your mobile app.
  • Make access to your mobile store easier for customers.
  • Leverage on mobile technology for branding and marketing.
  • Improve Customer Relationship Management with a better understanding of customer behaviour.


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User Interface (UI)(android) User Interface (UI)(ios)


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Allows Customer Engagement

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Push Notification Options Available

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Enhances Visibility

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Increases Accessibility

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Increases Brand Exposure

 Icon 6

Generates Repeat Sales

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Boots Customer Interest

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Improves Customer Relationships

Mobile & Webstore App

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