Maker Studio@SDCC


The Maker Studio @ SDCC is currently managed by Arus Academy, a local startup with a focus on education using technology. Cytron Technologies Sdn Bhd currently advises the Maker Studio @ SDCC on technical matters.

Arus is a social enterprise working towards making learning relevant again through the maker approach. Their goal is to inspire students to become lifelong learners who continuously explore and pursue their passions, using creativity and innovation. Arus’ students build both physical and digital solutions to real life problems by applying important interdisciplinary concepts. Students are pushed to be responsible, active citizens through the solutions they continue to build and to think innovatively on how the world can be made a better place.

Currently, Arus offers the popular Maker Academy program, after school maker clubs, maker weekend workshops and maker holiday camps.


Arus was founded by 4 Teach for Malaysia Alumni (Alina, Felicia, Azrina and Huda) as part of an effort to come up with a sustainable education initiative. The 2-year experience teaching in high-needs, low-performing schools as part of the Teach for Malaysia fellowship made the founders realize that more time and effort needs to be invested in both the strategizing and delivery of lessons in the classroom to change the way our students learn. 

Graduates of the Arus Academy

Graduates of the Arus Academy

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