KUALA LUMPUR, 6 April 2023 – As the digital revolution continues to reshape the retail landscape, consumers are increasingly turning to e-commerce for a wide variety of purchases, including furniture. CUURA, a Malaysian start-up, has gained traction as a top choice for online furniture shoppers seeking high-quality, affordable options.

CUURA was founded by Benny Lim Kien Yeap and his partners during the Covid-19 pandemic to address the growing demand for online furniture retail in Malaysia. With RM3mil of self-generated funding, they launched their website and have since committed to utilising technology and digital marketing strategies to offer quality, affordable, and customer satisfaction-driven furniture products.

CUURA Space: Diverse Furniture Selection Online for All

CUURA's online furniture platform, CUURA Space, is built on the principle that everyone deserves a beautiful living environment. To make this a reality, they offer an extensive array of furniture products in a variety of styles and price points to accommodate diverse needs and budgets.

From students furnishing their first apartment to families seeking high-end furniture items, CUURA Space caters to everyone. Their product range includes essential furniture like beds and sofas, as well as accent pieces such as chest of drawers and rugs, all designed to elevate living spaces.

CUURA's Tech-Driven Business Approach

What distinguishes CUURA from other online furniture retailers? Firstly, their unwavering commitment to quality control sets them apart. Despite the majority of their products being sourced from China, the team actively participates in the manufacturing process, establishing a network of manufacturers that must meet stringent criteria. Additionally, each item undergoes rigorous quality control checks twice before reaching customers.

CUURA's growth is further supported by a robust operating strategy designed for scalability and continuous development. According to the founder, it is essential to understand that adopting an e-commerce system is merely one aspect of a business's digital transformation journey, which is why selecting a flexible platform that encourages growth is crucial.

"Embracing digital transformation is crucial to the advancement of the furniture industry, as it addresses the evolving demands of customers and businesses alike. This shift entails integrating appropriate technology into almost every facet of a company's functions," Lim elaborates.

“Such a metamorphosis requires a thorough revamp of production, sales, logistics, and customer experience management.” says Lim.

CUURA Rent: Professional Home Makeover Services

CUURA's innovation extends beyond furniture retail with its professional home makeover services, CUURA Rent. This service aims to help property owners and investors furnish their units affordably and quickly, getting them listed for rental as soon as possible.

With CUURA Rent, bare units can be fully furnished with quality furniture and become rent-ready in just 14 days. Each customer will receive a personalised proposal which caters to their needs and budgets within 24 hours. They are transparent with their pricing, with CUURA Rent furniture prices the same as their retail division.

In addition to home furnishing, CUURA Rent offers digital solutions for wall painting, curtain installation, grill works, and light installation services. By partnering with a network of trusted service providers, CUURA Rent guarantees that customers can market their properties with minimal effort.

CUURA's Journey to Success

CUURA's unique, technology-focused approach has captured the attention of a loyal customer base in the competitive online furniture retail market. By offering professional home makeover services alongside quality furniture online in Malaysia, CUURA has disrupted the local industry and proven that a unique approach to e-commerce can be a winning formula. 

"The primary obstacle preventing furniture retailers from venturing into e-commerce is the assumption that an online store won't gain traction in this industry. However, considering the generational shift occurring in both corporate purchasing departments and among individual consumers, neglecting this channel will likely hinder long-term business growth and sales momentum," Lim explains.

“The progression towards digitalisation in the furniture industry is an essential and unavoidable aspect of modern business development. Adapt to change or risk falling behind.”


For media inquiries:
Benny Lim
+6012 363 5775

About CUURA:
CUURA Space (Aureas Media Sdn Bhd) is an online-only, direct-to-consumer furniture retailer that's going to disrupt the furniture shopping experience in Southeast Asia through technology and data.

As a start-up, the folks here are not just colleagues. We are family. We work together to make our clients' dream rooms come true because a mismatched home is not a home.

Our clients are worldwide because we believe opportunities are limitless. CUURA Space is also an equal-opportunity workplace with a flat hierarchy. Everyone is welcome to join our pioneer team as we challenge the furniture industry to keep up with us.



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