Your used laptop could go a long way towards helping to nurture future inventors and innovators.

Arus and Cytron, in collaboration with SITEC, are hoping to reach out to more young minds in the coming year through various educational programs by teaching them coding and programming.

However, they need your generous help to donate used laptops at the Maker Studio@SITEC. The only requirement they have would be that the laptops need to be functioning (i.e. bootable).

Your contribution in equipping the makerspace will help to educate the future. Let’s work hand in hand to build a better nation through the provision of quality education to our children.

For more information about this drive, kindly contact:

About Arus Education

Arus Education Sdn Bhd was established with a goal in mind – to create inventors and innovators. They do so by providing maker education to young students up to 18 years of age.

Its co-founders, Alina Amir, Felicia Yoon, Daniel Russel and David Chak previously taught in public schools for at least two years under the Teach for Malaysia programme.

They discovered, in their teaching experience, that students have difficulty in finding relevance in education. With that in mind, they searched for ways to make their classroom lessons engaging and fun, tying sources from real world application and matching them to the textbooks in class.  What initially started out as lesson plans, each of the four co-founders joined hands to open a space where students learn coding and making, thus having a more physical approach to learning.

The Arus classroom in Alma Bukit Mertajam, Penang

Two years after its inception, Arus has impacted over eight hundred students, bringing relevance and fun to their learning. Some of their students go on to win awards such as at the National Sime Darby Young Innovators Challenge and Kuala Lumpur Engineering Science Fair.

Arus hopes to reach out to more students, using their homegrown programme, in places beyond their homebase in Penang.

Arus Semester 1 2016 Graduation.

In the near future, and through collaboration with Cytron and SITEC, Arus will be embarking on their next big milestone – to launch their programme in Shah Alam, seeking to bring the same energy and achievement that they had in Penang to the students at Shah Alam.




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