e-Halal.com, an initiative by the Halal Industry Corporation, is expected to generate a turnover of RM300 million within its first year of operations.

It will serve as a comprehensive commerce directory portal, as well as a platform for halal merchants to sell, be it B2B, B2C, or C2C. This, according to International Trade and Industry Minister Mustapa Mohamed, will help establish Malaysia as a halal hub for the e-commerce trade.

The minister noted that the platform, which would be available in China, South Korea, Indonesia, and Singapore, would help bridge all Halal suppliers in the country and expand their e-commerce business, as more and more countries are viewing the halal market as an emerging market force, capable of contributing to economic growth.

The ehalal eCommerce platform and website.

The ehalal eCommerce platform and website.

Ten e-commerce platforms were brought under the umbrella of e-Halal.com by the Halal Industry Corporation in an effort to promote and boost the halal trade, with dindin.com (China), 11street (South Korea), Zilzar.com, JOCOM, Tiara TV, and Global Halal Data Pool among the ten platforms.

During the launch of the platform on May 26th, Ahmad shared that the e-commerce industry was vital for Malaysia’s economic future, adding that the government has set a contribution target of 6.4%, or RM114 billion for the e-commerce industry to the country’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) by 2020.

Currently, halal products only make up 5% of Malaysia’s exports, and Mustapa has expressed hopes that the numbers will increase with the establishment of e-Halal.com. The minister also urged more local merchants to leverage on the platform, as “it would help to reduce transaction costs, reach a wider market, as well as address the issue of brand authenticity”.



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