Organiser:  Selangor Information Technology and E-Commerce Council (SITEC)
Class: 7th EC Class of 2015
Title: E-Commerce Content Management
Date: 22 Sep 2015
Time: 2PM 
Venue: SDCC

Lai Heng Choong, founder of, and Clarence Leong, Chief Executive Officer of EasyStore, were invited to share their knowledge and experience on content management.

Before setting up in 2010, and worked as a full-time online merchant in 2013, Lai Heng Choong was an engineer. By using social media publicity and utilizing Google search, his Facebook page, Malaysia Gundam Fan, has gained nearly 78000 fans. Gundam revenue has reached over 1 million from January 2015 till now.

Lai asserted that content is the most important thing for online business. Merchants should include as much information as possible in order to get high traffic and increase search engine ranking.

“Photos are important factor to attract buyers’ attention, and thus trigger their interest to purchase products or services,” he said.

He also suggested that online merchants should describe their products in more detail. For example, sellers should mention products’ functions, dimensions, colors, and explain why their product is worth buying.

“Sellers can use some strategies to push buyers purchase immediately, such as ‘Limited Time’ and ‘Limited Quantity’,’ he said, adding that sellers must deliver products on time after receiving an order.

“A free gift is a surprise for a buyer, and thus can increase his or her satisfaction,” he also reminded online merchants, “don’t start a price war!”

Clarence Leong suggested online sellers to put themselves in buyers’ shoes, and asked themselves, “What I want to know? What I want to see?”

He mentioned that excellent product images are extremely important to online business as lots of people prefer to look pictures rather than to read text.

“Visual impact is important,” he said, suggesting that seller can sell products through videos.

He asserted that sellers can make stories through photos and videos in order to create customers’ needs and wants, and thus trigger purchasing actions.

He also pointed out that sellers shall help customers to develop imagination about products or services, and simplify online buying process to keep customers.

He noticed that buyers have confidence in online business, and their expectation is getting higher and higher. “They want to receive their purchase in the shortest time.”



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