Organiser:  Selangor Information Technology and E-Commerce Council (SITEC)
Class: 8th EC Class of 2015
Title: Customer Service (Chinese)
Date: 13 Oct 2015
Time: 2PM 
Venue: SDCC

Ng Wei Kheng, founder of, Allen An, e-commerce director of Honor Malaysia, and Wilson Quah, founder of MilkADeal Cashback were invited to share the ways to build customer relationships, and to gain profits through customer satisfaction.

Ng asserted that poor levels of customer service can cause loss of customers, and that  good customer service ought to be consistent at all times. Customer service staff must be friendly, and must handle all questions and complaints quickly.

He also pointed out that detailed product descriptions and clear purchasing guides can help to reduce phone calls from potential clients, thus reducing the workload of customer service employees, and improving the quality of customer service.

In addition, fast and efficienct delivery, and good quality packages will enhance customer satisfaction and brand loyalty. “Satisfied customers will recommend your company to their family, friends and colleagues,” he said.

He insisted that online merchants should not skimp by cutting employees’ salaries, as it could sacrifice the quality of customer service extended by their staff. An suggested that e-commerce merchants must create value for their products or services, and figure out their market position.

“Nowadays Huawei and other cell phone manufacturers want to get close to customers, so they set up web stores and sell their phones and accessories directly to clients.”

He argued that the Internet flattens organizational structures in the information age, and thus all company departments are customer-focused, offering quick responses to questions and situations.

Quah noticed that e-commerce clients have matured and become more savvy. Previously, they tended to care about things such as how purchases and payment are made – very technical teething issues.

Now, however, their concerns appear to focus on the seller and where they ship out of, as customers become more aware of the source country of the consumer products they purchase due to concerns about quality or safety. 

He also suggested that the ‘best service is no service’. He explained this by saying that a merchant should be so thoroughly prepared with all the needed and necessary information about the product, including pictures, warranties, or support, so much so that the customer does not feel the need to contact the seller about further information, eliminating the chances of customer relations.

He also mentioned that sellers and buyers can interact with each other through many channels, such as Facebook, phones, instant messaging applications and emails, and that customer service staff must pay attention to all channels.



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