Organiser: Selangor Information Technology and E-Commerce Council (SITEC)
Class: 9th EC Class of 2015
Title: Customer Service
Date: 20 Oct 2015
Time: 2PM 
Venue: SDCC

Wong Siew Mang (Nicole), Managing Director of Sometime, and See Tho Chee Seong, Vice President, Business Development of Photobook Malaysia, were invited to share insights on enhancing customers’ experience and increasing their satisfaction.

Sometime is an online-only bag specialist company that works with Asian designers, fashion icons and brands to design, produce and offer exclusive bags without the traditional retail markups.

Wong shared with participants that Sometime uses the similar quality of materials and workmanship of certain designer brands, produces the bags in their own factory and harnesses the power of digital technology and e-commerce by eliminating various markups, middlemen, and brick-and-mortar expenses. Thus, they are able to offer bags on par with fast-fashion brands’ prices. 

Wong asserted that social media is very important in e-customer service. They use several channels to provide instant replies to customers.

She pointed out that customer service staff must be patient and attentive when dealing with clients. In addition, they must be able to communicate clearly and use positive language.

“Customer service staff should have persuasion skills and knowledge of all products,” she added that satisfied customers will recommend Sometime to friends and families.

Established in 2005, Photobook Worldwide is a Malaysia-based e-commerce company, and one of the largest players in Southeast Asia that provides a unique experience in preserving meaningful memories through fully customizable, premium printed photo products.

“Photobook’s mission is love our customers and provide the best experience possible,”  he also said that Photobook is not selling a product, but selling service to assist buyers to print out their memories.

He believed that a satisfied customer is the best strategy of all. Thus, Photobook emphasizes customer service and develops different ways to serve their customers’ needs such as call centres, instant chats, social media, walk-in centres and support ticketings.

“To serve clients better, we have tried to localize our customer service in different areas.”



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